My name is Anna and I'm a freelance photographer and copywriter based in Northampton, UK.

As I've loved writing from an early age, it was no surprise when I chose to study French and German at one of the UK's top universities for languages. My love for words meant that writing engaging copy came naturally to me during the seven years I worked at an independent boutique in Northampton. I adored finding ways to bring products to life online, creating a distinctive voice that customers recognised and loved.

Photography is a far more recent passion: during my year abroad, I purchased a DSLR camera and worked hard to teach myself the craft. My images have come a long way since 2014, and I was able to train my eye while shooting product imagery for my workplace's website. I spent a summer experimenting with candid portraits while working as a photographer at a girls' summer camp in the US in 2016, deciding to go freelance when I came home.

I love working with UK makers, creatives and businesses who are looking to show their best work online. 

I'm so proud of the Northamptonshire brands I have worked with so far (see examples here) and am always looking to expand my portfolio... Feel free to use the form below to get in touch!

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