My name is Anna and I'm a freelance photographer and copywriter,
based in Northampton, UK.

I work with independent businesses and makers, helping to show their best work and tell their story online...



I've always written; journals, Harry Potter based newspapers, gingerbread men novellas... I remember owning a Barbie typewriter at an early age, and using it to write repeated letters to anyone who'd give me the chance. During my teens I began my first blog, the elder sister of which can be found on here on my site.

Photography was a later passion; one midwinter night during my year in France I clicked "Purchase" on a DSLR camera I had been eyeing up for the previous few months. I knew nothing about photography and underwent the steepest of learning curves, and four months later I was asked if I could create professional imagery. I said yes and the rest, as they say, is history.

About My Work

I studied languages at university and began writing copy for the women's independent boutique I worked at from mid-teens to my early twenties. It was love at first keystroke: I was so proud when customers would tell me they instantly recognised the tone of my work, and that they read each piece's copy because they knew it would bring them a smile.

After dreaming of my own business and soaking up all the experience I could, I returned home from a summer working in the US and began my freelance career. I was approached by my first ever clients and have loved the journey ever since. I've learned more than I could ever have imagined since starting in 2016, and have loved every day that's come my way.


I work with clients to show their best work, and create a digital presence that they can feel proud of.

Offering both copywriting and photography means that I get to understand my clients more deeply; overseeing their written and visual identity helps me to create content that is cohesive... I'm also able to lighten the load of running a business by offering both skills, with my social media services letting me give still more freedom to those I work with.

I'm so, so fiercely proud of the makers, creatives and businesses I have been able to partner with so far; it's an amazing feeling to see their hard work flourish, and to know that they feel more connected with their online presence than ever before.

If you'd like to hear more about what I offer, my services page is here... Let's show off your best work together.


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