Forging A Sisterhood

Forging A Sisterhood

I've been thinking a lot about the idea of sisterhood lately.

In fact, the notion of having sisters has long fascinated me. I grew up as the second of four children, and as the only girl, I became ever more envious of friends with female siblings. You see, my brothers are funny and excellent at recommending TV shows I might like. They usually remember my birthday and my twin in particular is great at getting all kinds of over protective when I mention guys I like. Plus we're now old enough that disputes are few to non-existent.

But for all their qualities (which are many, to their credit) I always wished I had at least a couple of sisters at home too. An older sister to offer me good advice and bad makeup. A younger sister I could support and give the confidence I lacked once I hit my teenage years. As a child I remember imagining what names they would have, and how we'd all be part of the same team; like the Spice Girls, but we wouldn't have to break up, ever.

There were times when I was utterly crushed that some people had multiple sisters, even some they actively disliked, and yet somehow I had none. It genuinely makes me smile now, to feel so hard done by over something only fortune can decide; especially as over the last few years I came to an important realisation.

I do, in fact, have sisters.

Whether by luck or design, I have always had extremely strong female friendships. As a child I had a taster of a toxic friendship at an early age, so knew from the get-go what to avoid and what to cherish. I have somehow ended up surrounded by a supportive network of girlfriends where time and distance make little difference.

I am telling you all this not in an effort to throw my guy mates under the bus. I'm telling you this because I have become more and more convinced that female friendship is something we should be really celebrating, loud and proud.

It infuriates me beyond measure that there remains a tired trope that paints women as inherently bitchy. Though the optimist in me thinks this notion has received some of the critique it deserves in recent times, I still think that we over-emphasise the role of a relationship in a woman's happiness and downplay the power of her friendships. 

The truth is that my girls when it comes down to it, my girls are fierce and fabulous, caring and kind, and my sisterhood will be there no matter what life throws in my way.

It's beautiful, too, to realise that the internet has brought me more sisters. Though there are still a number of doom and gloom voices always at the ready to list the faults of social media (and blogging too, for that matter) I am so grateful for the ladies that are now my friends.

Even if I hadn't been blessed to have formed a circle of besties from the towns I've called home, it's comforting to realise that the internet has brought all of us access to friendships across the globe.

I met up with my New York babe Coline from Conflicted Beauty this June, and during our chat for her I Peer Into series I realised that one of the things I appreciated most about blogging was that I had found a community that celebrated women. The beauty blogging community felt like such a safe space. Never had I seen any aspects of feminity elevated to such a degree; but even once I pivoted away from beauty writing, I still cherished the fact that blogging led me to a network of wonderful women.

And so today I'm here to appreciate my girls, on and offline, who made the woman I am today. Thank you for keeping me sane. Thank you for having my back. Thank you for making me think, making me laugh, making me grow. Thank you for inspiring me with your kindness and your hard work. I'm so exceptionally lucky to have so many wonderful sisters.