Thank You, October

Thank You, October

October is all but gone and though I am sad to see it go, its passing means I get to tune in and tell you all about the things I've enjoyed most about this month... Let's go.

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My first full month back in the UK involved some much needed catching up, some hard work and my 24th birthday celebrations. I headed to London for the weekend to see some of my best buds and also headed to the Cotswolds with my Ma for a gal date too. 

I'm still in the process of finding my feet with freelancing; I've just updated my "Work With Me" page to reflect the services I'm doing at the moment and I have a post in the works on the reality freelancing... exciting times! I also want to challenge myself more with this blog... I'm still trying to find a way of posting pieces that I'm proud of without letting perfectionism get in my way. It's a tricky line to find. To that end, I'm going to experiment with two posts a week, a move that means I will have less time to obsess and that there will be more for you guys to enjoy!


I'm all about the hashtag #squashwatch right now. It was started by Charlie and it is pure GOLD.

Coline wrote about her history of sexual assault and its relevance to the rise of Trump, and it was beautiful but heartbreaking. 

If you love film photography as much as I do, Negative Feedback is a godsend.

If you need a good cry.

Maddie works her magic again, calling us girls to use our online voices.

Donald Glover is going to be in Star Wars and I'm not sure my loins will cope

Lastly, I'm watching Haters Back Off and it's giving me Flight of the Conchords/Juno vibes along with plenty of Miranda Sings madness and I DIG IT.

Please, please tell me what you loved this month - are there any blogs, musicians, books or TV shows you loved? Come to the comments and let a girl know!