Escaping to the Cotswolds


I'm still reeling from all that happened this week, which means I've been on the lookout for things to take my mind out of the worry spiral it's been whizzing around in of late.

My photos from the Cotswolds remind me of the two weekends I spent there, with my loved ones and my camera. I am sure we could all do with a bit of an escape at the moment, so here are some of the shots I took - I hope you like them.


How are you guys doing at the moment? I've been asking all my babes how they are looking after themselves this week, so I would love to hear how you have been treating yourself right. (For me it's been curry, lie-ins and Gilmore Girls all the way.) Hopefully I'll be in a more verbose mood come next week - I'll see you then!

Travel, PhotographyAnna Considine