Why Blogging Is Fiercely Important In 2016

Thank You November

What a month November was.

If you've spent any time reading this blog or following me on social media, you are doubtless aware that I have become more politically engaged in my old age, and leaning hard to the political left meant my first full month of being 24 was spent under a pretty dark cloud. 2016 has been a year of utter contrasts, wherein the happiness of my personal life was at times overshadowed by events taking place beyond its happy circle.

For the last few weeks, I've struggled with what I can only describe as writer's block. Planning posts made me anxious; how can I write about something happy when there is so much cause to be unhappy? How can I step forward when I am scared forward might be a world that is more hateful then I ever imagined?

Is there are a way of feeling hopeful and even positive, while still acknowledging and calling out what needs to change?

My blogging friends seem to be in a similar boat. Many of my favourite online writers also shared insights on Hillary's loss... but it appears that reacting to the US election is the easy part. What is harder is deciding what comes next, and on that front, I found I had fallen silent.

After some soul searching, and a chat with my blogger and uni bud Hannah, I realised that I lost hope this month... and that in times like these, we have to find our feet, stand up, and figure out how we can rekindle its flame.

The world is scary, but a wig masquerading as a president is no reason for the blogosphere to go quiet. I love blogging because of the writers, makers and thinkers it has given a voice to. Whether it takes time, some serious self-care or a little forgiveness, I hope that my blogging friends realise the value their words bring to my everyday. I've said before how blogging inspires me because it really does create communities; I am a better woman because of the amazing writing, hard work and digital friendships that flourish online.

If we are serious about making a change, we need to make the small steps. Standing still to process this year is okay. Everyone needs the space and the time that is right for them to feel and accept what is. Yet the need  to keep creating, entertaining, and ultimately inspiring each other is just as important. Blogging is a great way to explore the issues that face us, and perfection and fear shouldn't hold us back.

But escapism is important too. I for one really value getting lost in a blog I love, reading something that distracts me from my fears and reminds me of what is beautiful and enjoyable elsewhere. We need balance: discussing the big topics that we want to share, but also appreciating the subjects that make us happier.

I'm not going to ignore what happened this month, nor am I going to let it scare me out of creating. I really hope you don't let it hold you back either.