Thank You, November

Thank You November

Another month has passed, meaning it is time to put pen to paper (or rather finger to keyboard) and share some thoughts, links and good things from the past month. Let's go.

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It will come as no surprise to anyone following my Twitter or Instagram accounts that I'm really glad November is over.

I am however determined to highlight the good points this month had to offer; I've had some great conversations, made some important decisions and my little one gal business has continued to grow and support me; these are all things I don't take lightly.

Before we move onto the links and good stuff I've found this month, I wanted to pick your brains; I've been thinking for ages about switching this style of post to a monthly email newsletter, freeing up space in my blog schedule for other things... Let me know what you think of this one!

Moving on - here are some of the lovely things that made November more enjoyable.



Alice Red has been one of my major inspirations since discovering her channel sometime in October, and her videos are beautiful and thought-provoking. Here is her latest one.

Why white women need to talk about racism... This article was just the wakeup call we needed this month.

This month, I've been watching and live-tweeting the Harry Potter films in order, using the hashtag #hpsonofawitch. What started as an idea to just cheer myself up has turned into a Sunday night ritual that is easily one of the highlights of my week. If you want to join the fun, we'll be pressing play on The Goblet of Fire at 7pm GMT and it would be so, so great to have you.

There are so many excellent commentaries on the new US president, but this video on how he uses language was so eye-opening.

I loved Sara of Me and Orla's interview on the podcast Blogtacular; this month I started her Instagram e-course, and this interview gives you an idea of her honesty and thoroughness when it comes to all things Insta-related.

Mental health is a topic that's been on my mind a lot this month, and Rebecca's beautiful and open piece on MH advice really resonated with me. It is a really great reminder as to how to ride the storm that life's lows can bring.

I discovered Toast's online magazine and it is what I want all brand blogs to be...

Sticking with the subject of mental health, Rosianna's video on a month spent cooking with A Modern Way To Cook was really brilliant.

This edit of Danny Dyer's Who Do You Think You Are is maybe what made me laugh most this month...