New Habits For A New Year

It's not often I read my old blog posts... It usually only leads to thinking too much, while writing too little. I did, however, make a recent exception; roughly this time last year I wrote a post called Habits I Would Love To Set, and today I'm following it up... kinda new year's resolution-y, but with a bit more action involved, if you get my drift.

The last post involved five habits, which is a lot of things to add into my routine in one go. Now that I am a year wiser, I've narrowed down to just three (and have no doubt that this post will be resurrected into just one habit shift, this time next year).

Let's do this.


When first mulling over these goals, I wanted to put "be more organised". This might sound great, but it is an abstract goal I've announced every year and I've always fallen off the wagon. If I've learnt one thing in life, it's that vague goals don't work for me.

One step I knew would help "be more organised" is a consistent routine, and that can only happen if I'm up and ready for work at the same time every morning... Being your own boss means setting your own boundaries, and aiming to get up at 7 everyday means I'll need to switch off from work sooner of an evening too. 


I'm finally getting into the routine of making plans with my offline buds, but would love to be more proactive about my online friendships too. This weekend I am meeting some blogger buds for a post-Crimbo Knitmas exchange, and in February I'm helping the amazing Hannah host a networking event for digital creatives (bloggers, photographers, influencers, writers, business owners... you are all welcome!) I am so excited to be part of it and to see what connections it will shift off solely the internet and into real life... It's going to be really, really cool.


I have saved the hardest till last. While I shudder at the merest thought of snapping unkindly at a friend, I do so to myself on a daily basis. My head can be a really mean, judgemental space, and 2017 is the year I stop this cycle. I'm a long way off feeling comfortable with daily declarations of love, but I already feel a shift... Catching myself thinking something needlessly cruel, doing yoga as a way to get mindful each morning and journalling too. It's the kind of stuff that I never thought I'd be about, but getting out of my own way is something I've long struggled with and I would love to make real progress this year.

What are you working on this year? I am literally living for all the intention and potential I find in other people's posts, so come and let me know your goals in the comments... And Happy New Year!