Thank You, September

Ba de ya - say do you remember? Ba de ya - dancing in September! 

Today I'm reviving a series from my old blog By Her Mirror, dusting it off, giving it a quick polish and saying hey, kiddo, you got this.

"Thank You" is a monthly roundup, filling you on in what's gone on this month as well as a selection of the links and lovely things I've most enjoyed... Considering September saw me enjoy my final three days stateside, come home and successfully start freelancing, it's been sincerely incredible.

Let's get down to it...

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This month started out in New York, and I still miss my buds and favourite places from the USA. The highlight of my stay in the Big Apple was meeting up again with Coline from Conflicted Beauty - we had a fab afternoon wandering around Williamsburg and it was the perfect final night of my trip.

Coming home was wonderful. I set out at once on my mission to freelance as a social media coordinator... which is going amazingly well so far! Working for myself is definitely proving to be a steep learning curve (I hate the HRMC website already) but the rewards have been incredible too. My next challenge is to start taking my writing more seriously, and reaching out to see if my work can be featured in publications rather than just this blog... I'll let you know how it goes!

Relaunching and rebranding was another challenge to tackle this month. Despite finding it nerve-wracking at times - thank you to my girls on Twitter for keeping me sane, you are lads - I feel it has all paid off. Thank you so much for being so supportive of the new launch, and thank you to Giada from Miel Cafe Design for her hard work in creating my logo... I'm so excited for what's next on This Last Moment!

Add in a trip to Brighton, my decision to re-join the local library and the chance to catchup with my girls at home, and it's been a pretty lush month.


I've listened to little else besides My Favourite Murder this September. It is hilarious. While I'm not usually one for things that lean on the grizzly side (especially when they really did happen), the presenters Karen and Georgia dissect real life murders with a wit that offsets the - at times - very depressing facts. "Why do we bum ourselves out like this every week!?" asks Karen on a regular basis. I for one am glad the girls take one for the team because the results are fascinating and fiercely funny, perfect for fans of Serial or Making A Murderer.

Though I read it in August, I had to include Belphoebe's inspiring post on body positivity in this roundup. She is one of my favourite writers on the internet and her discussion of her body and the flaws she sees is frank, heart-warming and beautifully written.

I of course watched Stranger Things on Netflix this month and need folks to react with. Winona Ryder's portrayal of a mother searching for her missing son is spectacular and that soundtrack. Anyone that knows my music taste well is aware that I am all about 80s vibes, so this show was a real treat.

I fell hard and fast for Maddie's blog Whiskey Tango Flat White over the last few weeks. Her writing is brilliant. Her topics are refreshing. Her jokes crack me up. It's so lovely to hear such a unique voice and perspective in the blogging world - do give her a follow.




And that was September... What were you thankful for this month? As ever I hope you'll come let me know in the comments section below, and have yourself a wonderful day!