My Blogging Journey

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It seemed only right to mark a blog relaunch by filling you in a little on my blogging past... I've had a blog of some form for the last seven years, with this space appearing under a completely different name in about 2013. For those who are interested, this is my blogging journey.


During my last two years of secondary school, I wrote my first ever blog at a time when I had no idea what sort of blogs were out there. It was no more than a semi-public journal that only I and a few of my friends would read, influenced hugely by Hyperbole And A Half (still the funniest corner of the internet, by the way). I wrote to make my friends laugh, and that was about it, until...


I'm not referring to By Her Mirror, oh no. We're talking about 2011's coolest beauty blog: Mucky Face Makeup... Yeah. As I started uni I became a bonafide beauty addict, following any blogger and YouTuber I could find. I had a foray into beauty blogging that went precisely nowhere, taking awkward selfies on my point & shoot and... gulp... on my webcam.



In 2013 I moved to France for my year abroad and there found myself with a lot of free time on my hands. I was also incredibly homesick, feeling disappointed that what was hyped up to be "the best year of your life" was turning out to be anything but. However, I had the highest amount of disposable income I have probably ever had, and decided to treat myself to a Canon DSLR and give YouTube a whirl.

My channel began as JustBananasMakeup... a hilarious riff on my nickname, Anna Banana, and the fact I was "bananas about makeup". My editing skills were non-existent, but I loved what I was doing and was hugely inspired by the booming success YouTubers and bloggers were enjoying at the time.

My Blogging Journey

The Just Bananas blog was initially started to complement the YouTube channel, which I found far more exciting at the time. However, as I grew used to writing for fun and not university my love of blogging blossomed, until writing was just as enjoyable as video-making. 


As my year abroad drew to an end, I decided that I had outgrown the name Just Bananas Makeup and By Her Mirror was born. I remember that choosing its name was a long and rocky process, with lots of back and forth between family members and friends (thanks, guys!) I also had a crack at making my own blog design too, learning little bits of CSS and HTML to make the blog feel like it was mine.

The "BHM era" was the time when my blog started to gain an audience of more than just friends I knew offline; I was lucky enough to form bonds with girls from all over the world whose blogs I absolutely loved.

Once I finished uni, I felt that I need some time away from blogging, to re-think what I wanted to write about. Beauty writing was not my calling, and I'd also realised that I'd used blogging as an excuse to overspend on makeup that was excessive for my needs. I watched The True Cost, read up on minimalism and knew that the direction of my blog was ready for a change.

One of my most successful posts was written just after I came back to blogging regularly. Are We Doing Minimalism Wrong? kind of makes me cringe now, but it struck a chord with readers at the time and was the first time I'd had a blog post receive any attention beyond just my small readership. Its warm reception felt like a confirmation that I was heading in the right direction.

My Blogging Journey


Though 2016 was my best year blogging, I couldn't shake the feeling that I wanted to rebrand and relaunch with a new name. By Her Mirror didn't seem to quite fit with the shift in direction that had occurred since I chose it in 2014, so I again headed back to the drawing board and got thinking.

This Last Moment came about as I considered how the last day of every holiday was always my favourite, or the last week at a job felt like my best work, or the last crumb of a cake its tastiest. My blog has become a place where I not only question life but try my darnedest to appreciate it too... Hence This Last Moment. A space to savour the sweetest and the best of the everyday.

If you too are a blogger, what did your journey look like? Was it as winding and haphazard as mine? I would love to hear about it in the comments!