Thank You, January

We've reached the end of January, so it's time to reflect, review and ramble, with plenty of links to things you'll love. Let's go.

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It's safe to say there has been a lot to work through this month. "Challenging" is a word that I've been leaning on heavily to describe the world at present, but it's a word that has more fight than other adjectives that feel just as relevant.

I said in an Instagram post that my word for this year is Community, and this month has involved a lot of actions to help my own. From the Women's March On London to working on #InspiredBy,  it's been interesting to flex my extroverted side for these gatherings, and figure out how to keep active in scary times.

Above all else, I really want to keep writing, and find a way for this blog to balance my desire to stay engaged and to maintain a healthy amount of self-care. This means I'm going to try and split my posts roughly in half; how we can stay active and face the facts, and how we can care for ourselves and switch off... I hope you like the sound of that as much as I do!


Coline is one of the main people keeping me sane right now. (Thank you, girl.)

I love Christine, and this calming vlog was just what I needed while getting ready this morning.

I spent a fair amount of time in Dulles this summer (it's one of Washington DC's airports) so this tweet made me really happy.

Siobhan's revamped site is beautiful, and her latest post on midwinter is photography goals.

Kat Blaque is keeping it so real at the moment.

Carrie wrote about her OCD and I'm so glad that mental health is being discussed more online.

This piece on the global gag rule gave me chills.

Plant Based Traveler videos are my favourite.

"What can I, a 21-year-old Brit, do to fight the Muslim ban?"

I haven't watched La La Land, but I watched every clip of Ryan Gosling on Graham Norton from this month and it made me laugh a LOT.

Finally, Ann Friedman's newsletters are everything.