FREELANCING: What A Typical Day Looks Like

Photos by the lovely  Siobhan Watts

Photos by the lovely Siobhan Watts

I recently shared my thoughts on my first year of freelancing, and having spoken to a few folks who recently asked what my typical day looks like I thought I'd share it with you. (It's also a great excuse to show you the images Siobhan shot of me in work mode for the site too!) If you're curious to see a "normal" day of freelancing, this one is for you!

Freelancing Typical Day.jpg

I get up, make a green smoothie for breakfast, shower, get myself ready and finally pack my bag ready for the day ahead.

I catch the bus into Northampton, where I work for 2–3 days a week in-house at my main client, 32 The Guild. Usually it's just me on my own on a double decker!

I arrive, unlock the shop, turn on the lights and radiators then head up to my desk in the office upstairs. There I open up my week plan Google Doc, and sit for a few minutes making a note of everything I know I need to do today. I will then share an Instagram post for the shop, and spend about twenty minutes engaging and replying to comments and messages.

Freelancing Typical Day.jpg

9.40 – 10.00
32 The Guild's owner, Zoie, will arrive and we get together to have a chat about what we'd like to get done during the days I am in that week. I will then add any tasks I have missed to my week plan.

10.00 – 11.00
If there are a lot of parcels that need sending out, I lend a hand getting them ready. Every item we post is wrapped individually and then packaged up; this bit involves a lot of running up- and downstairs to find the items that have been bought, printing out the correct paperwork and then wrapping as stylishly as possible. (I find wrapping parcels weirdly therapeutic though!) As it's the run-up to Christmas there tends to be a huge amount of orders that need sending.

11.00 – 12.00
I shoot the new-in items, making note of the wash and fabric details of any clothing along with the dimensions of accessories or other items that need these.

I eat a speedy lunch at my desk. If I have any other emails that need replying to, I respond to these as well.

Typical Freelancing Day.jpg

12.15 – 14.00
I share another Instagram post around lunchtime... Then I will carry on shooting if there is more than needs doing, before the light gets too dark to work with. Once I am finished I then start adding each item onto the shop system.

14.00 – 17.00
I finish adding new-in items to the website, adding copy once the basic information is logged, then share another Instagram post later in the afternoon. If there is anything that needs highlighting I will make a noise about it on our Instagram Story too. Then I spend the rest of the time working on our email, which we send out once a week.

I turn turn off my tracker (I use Toggl to time my hours). My working day is done, so I spend the wait before my bus catching up with messages that came my way during the day, on the phone to my mum (hi Mum!) or, most often, scrolling through my Instagram feed!

I catch my bus home.


If you guys are curious about what a typical day working from home involves, I would love to write you a post in the new year about just that! Are you guys freelancers, or folks who would love to be? I would love to know in the comments below...