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Podcast Recommendations

I love podcasts. I also love being known as someone who recommends good ones...  If ever you feel like inflating my ego of an evening, drop me a message asking for a suggestion for something to listen to. I'll love you forever. And start thinking I'm way too cool.

Over the last few months I have had a few people get in touch asking about feminist podcasts I recommend, and today I have finally been able to get together a list of the ones I am loving most at the moment. Please do hit the comments and let me know of what you are listening to - I am very #blessed to have such woke folk reading this blog, and you never let me down with your recommendations!


It's my favourite, for good reason. As mentioning CYG is an almost weekly occurence on this blog, I couldn't leave it out of this list. Amina and Ann are as dear to my heart as my close friends, as I have had the pleasure of listening to them for the last two years. Their earlier episodes tend to dissect popular culture from a feminist lens, while their most recent ones centre on politics and protest. I love how they include the odd incredible guest, and it gives me such joy to see how much they've grown since CYG's infancy. Featuring fun, friendship and feminism, it's such a brilliant show.



I'm pretty late to the game with this one, but The Guilty Feminist earns its place because it does exactly what it says on the tin. With episodes covering sticky subjects like crying, hair removal and the Muslim ban, comedian Deborah is joined by a variety of co-hosts to discuss their feminist failings in a frank and funny way. I was slow to warm to this one after feeling initially it could be more intersectional/inclusive, but when I mentioned this in passing on Twitter Frances was quick to reply letting me know that this was being considered more in future episodes. I love the ambition of this show, and that I still enjoy listening even when the ideas shared challenge my own. 



I'll be honest: I have listened to one episode of Code Switch so far, but was so into it that it had to get a mention here. Its first episode, "Can We Talk About Whiteness?" was a thorough and interesting exploration of ideas like privilege and why so many white folks (myself included) feel super, super uncomfortable in talking about race. The tone is friendly and honest, great for anyone who wants to understand more about intersectionality but isn't sure where to start. The hosts are all journalists of colour, and there are a ton of episode titles I can't wait to click... especially their recent one on the Oscars.


After a compact, regular update on some of the biggest headlines in UK politics? This one is for you. Thorough and insightful, I especially enjoyed their recent coverage of Brexit. Expect to hear both sides of the most contentious arguments, with a surprising amount of nuance shared in their half hour episodes. I appreciate this podcast as it makes understanding what is going on in the UK far easier; having it on in the background while I cook or get ready is a simple way to stay informed.



Though not specifically billed as a feminist podcast, The Lively Show is the podcast I have listened to longest and has been a really good balance through the stress of the last year in particular. Hosted by Jess Lively, a business and life coach from the US, there is a huge and incredible backlog of episodes covering a variety of issues. When I need wisdom and balance, I hit play on a Lively Show episode, and many of her older interviews are personal favourites that I come back to ad infinitum. Her exploration of the ego vs. intuition, and of practices to adopt into daily life, have really shaped my thinking and helped me through so many challenges. I'm a firm fan.


What are the podcasts that you love at the moment? I would love to know! And if you have listened to any that I suggested, I would love to hear your thoughts on them in the comments!

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