SINGLE STEPS: Power That Empowers

Single Steps Power That Empowers
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
— Lao Tzu

I'm a big believer in the power of small actions.

Hollywood films love to showcase the singular, grandiose work of a unique hero, but I think the real world's heroes look a little more everyday. Big, bold change can come from small actions acted out by a large group... A tiny switch is more likely to spread than a gargantuan and intricately long-winded alternative.

Hence the theory behind a new series on This Last Moment: Single Steps. Things any of us can do, that don't need hours of your time. Ideas that are simple, but work.

You may have noticed we now have more ethical lifestyle options than ever before: conscientious fashion brands are on the rise;  fairtrade home goods are more common; vegan menus are available at most restaurants chains. Though the change in these areas is powerful, you might also have found yourself feeling frustrated that this mindfulness is harder to find in other aspects of running our lives... I know that until recently, I thought that my "buying power" was limited to the garments and goods I purchase, and to the vegan food I eat. As I am moving out soon, I've been keen to find ways to approach other areas of life in a more conscientious way.

Hence why I was actually genuinely excited to hear about how the power that runs my home could be put to better use, too. British energy provider Brighter World Energy are the first such company I've come across whose mission sounds genuinely inspiring... In case you've not yet heard of them, they aim not only to give UK customers a better deal on their energy bill, but also to connect some of the most remote villages in Africa to clean, sustainable electricity. Their promise is that for every 2000 UK customers who sign up, Brighter World will build a solar grid, and connect a community to power for the first time

I love this idea because being connected is something that is so easy to take for granted. The food we eat, the hospital care we receive, the evenings we're able to carry on working or socialising after sundown... Heck, my own job would be impossible without a functioning computer and phone! Almost every action we take in a day is impacted by the availability of energy. I think it's pretty incredible to know that a simple switch can both power and empower communities who need it most: helping businesses, hospitals and schools to switch on and take charge.

Images from Brighter World Energy (how I wish they were my own!)

If you're keen to do something little that will achieve something great, do go and have a read of what they are all about... and I would love to know if you like the sound of this series! Are there any single steps you plan on taking this month?


Many thanks to Brighter World for sponsoring this post