The other day I headed into the garden and found a singular clump of snowdrops had bloomed in one of our more lifeless looking flowerbeds.

Snowdrops are one of my favourite flowers. Green and white, they stood out against the russet browns surrounding them.

These are not the biggest flowers, nor the most complex; they don't smell rich and hypnotic, nor are they vivid with colour.

They are however timely

After months of grey monochrome, a little pop of green is welcome... and so few flowers bloom in winter that their arrival feels like an event all of their own.

"Hey babes. We heard you wanted something pretty to look at. Love, your friends the snowdrops. 

PS, well done for making it through January."

How has your week been? I hope you don't mind me sharing a photo post; it's been too long since I did! I hope you are well and having a lovely one...

PhotographyAnna Considine