Treat Yo' Self 2017


There are a number of lessons I've taken from working as a freelancer, but the most recent one to hit home was how important it is to actually, seriously, take care of myself. I really like, and subscribe to, what Gillian Anderson had to say in this lovely interview; I think that self care shouldn't be another thing we feel pressured to do, but a choice that we shouldn't feel guilty about making as and when we need to.

A few weeks ago, I asked my Instagram buddies what their advice was on treating themselves. As shopping has been my chillout of choice in the past, I was especially keen for pick-me-ups that didn't involve binge-spending. Their answers were so wonderful that I knew I needed to save the post to come back to. Having burnt out rather spectacularly last week, I felt their guidance was well worth reading through again, and sharing here... in case you need it, too.


I have quit coffee, try to do yoga every night even for 10 minutes, and treat myself to a bath every Friday night with candles. Decluttering is self care for me, because all the stuff is so stressful! Don't beat yourself up about spending habits though, that will make you feel worse. Be kind to yourself, and just switch up your 'treats' to be different things. Maybe buy experiences like classes or trips, and treat yourself to walks or a movie. It's so hard when we are all conditioned to buy stuff all the time!"



"I write my feelings out... I get so much clarity by looking at the words. Whenever I'm feeling stressed I find going for a walk or hopping in the car to drive to the next town for a coffee tends to soothe me."
– @vitalerie

"Spending used to be my way of dealing when I was still at uni too, and I just ended up donating so much of it away because it wasn't adding any "value" to me... Nowadays it's more about spending on things I will use over and over (and an occasional surprise buy!) and on more practical things: a humidifier (lame, I know!) watercolour brushes, a good backpack. Definitely no need to be hard on yourself; often you deserve more than you give yourself credit for! The best treats are the ones when you feel your best afterwards – maybe a getaway trip (my fave) or a lovely meal."
– @delicately


"I've been feeling even more lethargic, slow and anxious the last few months too. I've been reading more books, stepping away from the internet a little more and trying to do a little more yoga. 💕"
– @amyameldi

If in doubt, get your cinnamon rolls out

If in doubt, get your cinnamon rolls out

"It's so individual, but for me, routine is everything. I like to take time to wake up in the morning and wind down at night. If you were the caretaker of a three year old and wanted to ensure both of you get a good night's sleep and a good tomorrow, what would you do? Maybe make the transition from playtime to bedtime as smooth as possible by dimming the lights, taking a bath, putting on relaxing music, reading a book... setting the mood. WWYI3YON: What Would Your Inner 3 Year Old Need? 👶🏻 I'm also a firm believer in conditioning yourself through music: picking a feel good song and playing it whenever you need a pick-me-up."

"I try to spend as much time outdoors as I can. I do yoga almost every day, and I knit! It's very relaxing 😊" 
– @ofsimplicity

"For me the problem with shopping is the amount of stuff I realise I have and it all becomes such a mess that I cannot enjoy it any more. I love watching a film or buying a book as a way to 'treat myself' without hoarding too much stuff."
– @_lemonvanilla

"It's so true that I buy more things when I'm feeling low or stressed, and sometimes it can be scary to think of it spiralling out of control. One thing that mes me feel better (without spending money) is getting outside and going for walks. I can't wait for nicer weather for that reason, but at the moment I'm just trying to make more time for other things: reading, knitting, and spending time with friends. I definitely think that spending less time on the internet helps too... both to brighten my mood and to avoid online shopping temptations!"
– @lottiphillpotti

"The practice of self-compassion is one of the things that works for me, as it soothes without numbing. Have a look at Paul Gilbert's The Compassionate Mind if you've not come across it already. Sleep, too. I am always more frazzled when I haven't slept properly for several days (but I'm terrible at taking my own advice here!)"
– @ruththepoet

What do you do to treat yourself? I would love to hear your ideas in the comments; you guys give the most cracking advice (as proven by the post, of course). And as always, have yourself a lovely week...