In The Greenhouse

A few weekends ago, the lovely David Swailes and I grabbed our film cameras, iPhones and headed out to Castle Ashby to shoot in its gardens.

While the weather reports had promised a grey and cloudy day, we were instead treated to one of the loveliest mornings I've seen this spring... perfect for dusting off our 35mm film and flexing some seriously underused film photography muscles.

Shot on my iPhone

Shot on my iPhone


I tried not to go overboard shooting on my iPhone but was keen to snap a few shots simply because Maud, my Canon AE-1, has sat unused since my trip to the US... to say I was feeling rusty would be a major understatement! Thankfully, Maud herself was anything but rusty and I came away with a roll of film that I was delighted with.

Castle Ashby.jpg

If ever you find yourself in Northamptonshire on a lovely day, Castle Ashby is well worth a visit!

Do you guys enjoy film photography? I would love to hear about your kit and film preferences in the comments below!