A DAY WITH: Zoie of 32 The Guild

It's been an insanely long time coming, but I'm finally back with the second instalment of my favourite series, A Day With. Each episode sits one of my favourite ladies down, asking them all about their creativity, careers and more.

Today's spotlight shines on the lovely Zoie of 32 The Guild. If you've ever come to visit me in Northampton, chances are I've talked about or dragged you for a snoop around my favourite hometown store. Featuring a beautiful edit of women's clothing, homeware and fragrances to die for, Zoie's lovely taste shines throughout.

This edition of A Day With is a little different, as I'm actually sharing a little snippet with you... Zoie was interviewed by the lovely team at 91 magazine and their article features a series of photos I shot for them over on their blog! To read the full interview, head to 91 Magazine's gorgeous blog, or scroll down for a taster...

How would you describe the essence of 32 The Guild?

Laid back, pared back, simple.

Can you tell us some more about how 32 The Guild came about? 

Before opening the shop, I was a footwear designer working in London. 32 The Guild came about when I moved to Northampton from London, as I was struggling to find a store which sold the kind of brands which interested me... So, I decided to do it myself!

How did you go about designing the shop? Did you have a particular aesthetic in mind when pulling it all together? 

We take pride in uncovering beautifully made products and felt the shop should be reflective of this, so honest and minimal materials feature throughout the space. Natural woods, a reclaimed parquet counter and antique solid brass clothes rails showcase not only our own personal taste, but create an inviting, friendly atmosphere.

It was important to me that the store felt contemporary and relaxed. I was bringing something to Northampton which had not been done before so it was crucial to make my clients feel welcome. I love a store which feels exciting, showcasing a brand and product mix which I may not expect... I try to do exactly this at 32, and aim to bring together a blend of stunning products.

Can you talk us through your buying process and decisions? 

Again, the process is simple and instinct-led. I make a plan as to what I would like to see from a store, and then go from there. I know that I enjoy a smaller, more curated offering and endeavour to create just that for 32. The golden rule is that I will only stock something in the shop if I would buy it myself. As a result, I’m a walking advertisement for my store - I am head to toe 32 and live and breathe it!

What are your current best-sellers, and do you have any personal favourites?

My personal favourites are the new season blue suede Grenson loafers - I just cannot get enough of their footwear. My all time favourite product has to be Molecule 01 by Escentric Molecules. There really is no other fragrance like it - it is my must-have. Among our current best sellers are our Denham jeans - we’ve just had a new drop and our clients know the fit is amazing!


Head over to 91 to read the rest of the interview... and if there is an amazing lady you would like to see featured here, drop me a line to let me know!