5 More Podcasts You'll Love


2017 seems to be the year of the podcast, so there's no time like the present to share some of my recent favourites with you. I've picked an assortment of genres in the hope that there'll be a little something for everyone; let's do this...



I've long been a slow living nerd. Anything that involves living in a way that's kinder to the planet and ourselves always catches my eye, so this podcast was always going to be up my alley. What's great about The Slow Home is that it's hosted by the lovely Brooke and Ben McAlary, and the two are such a funny and likeable duo. Often slow living is a field that can lean on the overly-earnest, dryer side of discourse, but Brooke and Ben share a great sense of humour. There are episodes that feature the two of them discussing a subject together as well as wonderfully warm interviews you'll just love. I'm already a firm fan...


What it says on the tin. Imrie and Satia are the hilarious co-hosts, whose long-form discussions are now one of my favourite weekly rituals. Typically centred around what's happening in the news or online, the two give an often hilarious hot take on whatever they discuss. There are interviews with a variety of great guests, and I'm especially obsessed with the games they play on air too. Funny and fantastic.




I'm sure you're already listening to this gem anyway, but there was no way I could leave this off the list... Instagram expert and coach Sara Tasker has long wowwed me with her beautiful photos and great writing, so I knew her podcast would be brilliant too. Most episodes involve a friendly and in-depth Insta-chat with folks with a huge following, going all in on what we love (and loathe) about the world's biggest social network. I also enjoy Sara's one-off solo episodes on meaty subjects, and never fail to feel inspired after playing an episode. It's one of my faves and I'm sure it will become one of yours too.


Emma Gannon's lovely interview style lies at the heart of this podcast, featuring a variety of faces from both the on- and offline worlds. The subject range is broad, with everything from mental health with acclaimed writer Matt Haig to celebrity culture with Will Young, but Emma's ability to create engaging conversations is a wonderful constant throughout. I definitely recommend listening to not only Matt and Will's interviews, but also Jess Phillips' and Lena Dunham's. Heck, they all bring something to the table!


Last off, it's the podcast that had me totally hooked over the winter... In The Dark is the story of Jacob Wetterling, a young boy who disappears suddenly nearly 30 years ago. Though by no means an easy listening, the following of this case was fascinating and there are many episodes whose words I can recall months after listening. I'm really hoping that a second season is with us soon as this was just brilliant.

So tell me buds... what podcast am I missing? Come to the comments and let me know!

WellbeingAnna Considine