My Recipe For A Perfect Sunday


 I really like Sundays. I love that they're invariably a quiet day; most of my weekend jobs have been done on Saturday, leaving me with few commitments on the last day of the week. Usually the only tasks I have to carry out are a supermarket trip with my dad (which I genuinely enjoy) and the changing of my bed linen (nothing is better than fresh sheets).

Last week I had the house to myself and it gave me a chance to figure out what the steps were for my ultimate Sunday... And here they are.



I always try and have a great breakfast on a weekend morning; it could be pancakes, waffles, French toast or my favourite peanut butter smoothie recipe. I also enjoy a decaf brew in my Chemex, which was one of my birthday presents this year. So far I've tried this blend by Northampton coffee roasters Yellow Bourbon, and this low waste offering from The Roasting House.

Below are the steps for how I brew my coffee, and how I make my favourite smoothie.


You will need:
45g medium grind (or cafetière) fresh coffee 
1 Chemex
1 Chemex filter (this reusable one looks great)


  1. Fill and boil a kettle.
  2. Place filter into Chemex, so that three layers of folds cover the pouring side. Pour over hot water to soak the filter, to remove the papery taste (if using a paper filter). Then swill the water around the base of the Chemex to warm up, before draining the rinsing water.
  3. Place the Chemex on your scales and place the 45g of coffee into the filter. Zero the scales and add 75g of hot water, leaving to "bloom" for 45 seconds.
  4. Gradually pour in around 600g of hot water, being sure not to overfill. Allow to drain fully, remove the filter and serve. (Total brewing time should be around 5 minutes.)


You will need:
1–2 bananas (frozen works really well)
Approx 250ml plant milk, depending on how thick you'd like it
1 tbsp cacao nibs
1 tbsp chia seeds
2 Medjool dates
1–2 tbsp peanut butter (or any nut butter you love)
Optional: 1 tbsp maca powder


  1. Chop the dates frozen bananas and add to your blender
  2. Add all other ingredients and blend thoroughly.
  3. Serve and enjoy; add ice cubes if necessary.


I usually try and make sure I get some stress-busting exercise into my Sunday... I'm trying to get back into the routine of my yoga practice, so I recently signed up for Yoga With Adriene's Find What Feels Good service. It includes all her YouTube videos, as well as some that are exclusive to FWFG subscribers. It's £7.99 a month and can be accessed via a mobile app and through the website too. On Sunday I did her Rainy Day yoga practice and it was such a calming way to invite some white space into my day.

If I'm not doing yoga, I also like to go for a run most Sundays; I used the Couch to 5k podcast (made by the NHS) to get going and still enjoy listening to the final episode now I've completed the 9-week course.


Sundays were made for baths, I swear. My current favourite bath soak is a simple and inexpensive mix; I glug in a generous amount of almond oil and fragrance it with lavender and orange essential oils. The result is a blend that leaves my skin incredibly soft (better even than any of the bath oils I have tried) and that smells really wonderful.

I also like to light a candle, being sure to choose an option that is soy-based and contains all natural ingredients. I discovered Pur Candles last year and have loved burning their Relax scent, and now have my eye on their range of double wick candles – they look so good


Sundays, and the bath time they involve, mean that I have a chance to catch up on any reading I'm up to. I recently bought the bestseller Sapiens* and my chin has been on the floor ever since. It's a seriously engrossing read, with some revelations that stunned and intrigued me in equal measure... it's received the thumbs up from both Bill Gates and Barack Obama, so you know it's doing something right.

*Please note this is an affiliate link


Another staple of my Sundays is a chance to catch up on my YouTube and Netflix favourites... My favourite YouTube channels can be found here, but I am also loving going through Oprah's Super Soul Sunday interviews (my fave is the Maya Angelou edition). My all-time Netflix favourites include but are by no means limited to the following:

RuPaul's Drag Race
Brooklyn Nine Nine
Gilmore Girls
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

And there you have it – my steps for a seriously lovely Sunday. What do you do to switch off at the end of a busy week? Come to the comments and let me know!