THOUGHTS ON: The Joy Of Hiring Women I Admire


As a freelancer, it can be tempting to try and do everything ourselves.

Accounting, web design, photography, bookkeeping, copywriting, editing, graphic design... At one point I was doing it all, and saw no reason to do anything differently, even if I wasn't getting the results I was hoping for. But gradually, something shifted; I realised that there were women all around me doing things I admired, offering valuable services I knew I wanted to make the most of.

It started with Giada of Miel Cafe Design. When I rebranded my blog back in the summer of 2016, I knew that one of my home designed offerings wasn't going to match up with where I wanted my blog to be. Giada's professional and patient approach not only impressed me, but helped inspire the level of customer service I still aspire to deliver today. The logo she created for This Last Moment is still one I am so fond of, and her shell designs will be the ones I use when I FINALLY get the seashell tattoo I've been talking about for the last two years.

Next was the incredible Sara Tasker; she had long been my go-to for Instagram inspiration, and until 2016 I thought I would never be able to afford her 1:1 services. She then released her Instaretreat course, which revolutionised my approach to my Insta feed and has only proven to have been more and more on point. Her enthusiasm and hard work shone through in her writing and I still find myself going back to freshen up on her guidance now. I don't think for a second I would have the following (and the level of photography) I do now without her course.


Then I was able to hire my friend and photography inspiration, Siobhan Calder. Hers are the images in this post and it was a surprising pleasure to be on the other side of a lens for once. I loved seeing Siobhan work, noticing how comfortable she made me feel, her confidence, and how she wasn't afraid to experiment in order to get the perfect shot. I've never been one to like photos of me but I really love how her photos came out, and am proud to be able to feature them on my website.


I was approached by the wonderful Liz Mosley to design my newest web logo, and adored the magic of the process. I have always admired Liz's style and have a little just-in-case stash of her birthday cards on my bookshelf, as well as her beautiful and always relevant "Keep It Simple" print. (I just ordered her "Adventure" print and cannot WAIT for its arrival!) I knew that I could happily give Liz free rein when it came to my design, asking only that it would be grey and possibly have some hand lettering. Her suggested designs were all beautiful, making it a tough decision to pick just one. I absolutely love my new logo and judging by your guys' lovely comments, you do too!

Most recently I approached Barbora for her Honest Instagram Intervention, and I cannot wait to see her frank take on my feed. I already work with clients on social media consultations, but I'm keen to compare both of our methodologies and to see how I can hone and improve my Insta feed in the process. I'll be sure to let you know how it goes!


What I've realised is that there are so many benefits to working with women I admire. Whether it's the subtleties of how they provide customer service, to the beautiful results of a design or photography session, I know my own work will improve thanks to the experience. These services have all freed up time for me too, just as I strive to free up the time of my own clients. There are times when expertise is needed, and approaching a specialist rather than doing a botched job ourselves can avoid a whole load of headaches along the way.

Still on my list is to finally hire a bookkeeper (as keeping a log of my receipts is what I hate most about freelancing), and to find someone who understands Adsense a great deal better than I do. I just love the idea of supporting other great women and reaping the benefits in return.