Goodbye This Last Moment: A Relaunch


It's official; This Last Moment has become and I am so excited! I made the decision to rebrand back in November, and it's been a gradual process of choosing a blog design, consulting with my graphic designer Liz for a new logo and reworking my site since then.

I wanted there to be an easier way for clients to find me online, as previously there was no mention of my full name on this site. "This Last Moment" was on the original business cards I designed last year, but as it was the name I trade under it always felt a little off. I'm so pleased that when you Google my name now, this is the first thing you'll find; happy days.

If you're here because you read my blog on a regular basis, not much will be different; I'll still be writing about sustainability, ethical living and wellbeing, just using a different name than I did previously. As this post is a little shorter than usual, there will be an extra one going live this Sunday to make it up to you. In the meantime, I hope you'll enjoy having a little nosy at the tweaks and changes that I've made around the site... and I hope you are having a wonderful end to your week!

Thank you for your patience while I took a blogging break and thank you for your support of this space! Take care and I will see you Sunday...