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Well... hello there! Let's not go back and look at how long it has been since I last posted here (no it's not over three months, what are you talking about?) but set our eyes firmly on the future, and the fact that I have written you a blog post! I know; so unusual for a blog.

I used to share a monthly series called Thank You here on my journal, but transitioned to sharing my links and loves from each month to my newsletter. Consider this post a brief revival, as I'd love for you to join me on my email list where you'll be receiving letters like this on a (semi) regular basis.

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Here are just a few of the things I've been loving lately, in case you love them too...



I've been falling hard and fast for my hometown since we last spoke. Northampton, bless it, is in no way known for its creative scene; but look and ye shall find. I'm loving being at my new co-working space (Engine, for those of you local to me) and it's put me in contact with still more Northamptonians doing great things. I'm looking forward to being part of ways to #liftnn (Ntown's postcode is NN) and to tell you about what's happening here. I'm planning another When In post, just on Noton.

I'm also thrilled to be launching a new photography package to help women see themselves as they truly are. We're so used to seeing photos taken by men, for men, and only of bodies that conform to extremely narrow beauty ideals that almost no one fulfils. I'm so excited to work with women of all ages, body types, ethnicities and more, to show you don't have to fit in to be bloody beautiful.

The shots I took with my beautiful bestie and favourite photographer, Hannah of @allofmydaysphotography and @wherethewildwolflives, are below and I absolutely love them; she was my first body confidence client and it was such a privilege to work with her and show her just as I see her.

Drop me an email here if you'd like to find out more, and to book your session:



If you're after an excellent read on feminism, Rebecca Solnit's The Mother of All Questions is on my nightstand currently and I am absolutely loving it. I regularly find myself nodding along, and Solnit covers feminism's past, present and future with clarity and insight. Though I'd love more focus on intersectional issues, it's still a great read that I cannot recommend highly enough.


MY LOCAL SAINSBURY'S STOCKS TEMPEH. I had kittens upon making this discovery last week; they sell Tofurkey's Smoky Bacon variety, which I cannot find to link from their site. Right next to the tempeh was jackfruit, so all I need is silken tofu and seitan for my vegan life to be complete.
(I also ate the seitan vegatsu at Wagamama this week and found it delicious!)


I've been doing a better job of limiting my internet use lately, the downside of which is that I've less to share with you recommendation-wise; the upside, however, is that we're rocking quality and not quantity.

Here you go:

I've always had the hugest respect for Rebecca of From Roses; hers was one of the first blogs I ever followed and she is even lovelier in real life. It was amazing to read her discussion on the limitations of environmentally friendly living in her "When Being Sustainable Doesn't Feel Obtainable" post... It's such an important read.

Watch Safe on Netflix. Thank me later.

Sophie shared some amazing low waste switches and tips in her Instagram Story, that you cannot miss; they're available in her zero waste highlights.

My must-follow of the month is writer @nikeshshukla, who I have been following for a good while thanks to his excellently insightful Twitter account. His discussions on racism and intersectional feminism are beyond brilliant; follow him here.

I'm hoping you've seen this already, but in case you haven't: singularly the greatest Twitter moment of all time.

If you're not watching Sexplanations, you're missing one of my all-time favourite YouTube channels; their episode on How Not To Rape should be compulsory viewing across the board.

Another favourite, Pop Culture Detective's dissections of toxic masculinity onscreen are phenomenal. I went to recommend a few particularly to you, but frankly they are all fantastic.



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