My Favourite Productivity Apps

My Favourite Focus Apps.jpg

I never, ever used to be an organised person.

I truly did not function well prior to the advent of organisational technology: I’ve tried endless diaries, bullet journals, calendars and notebooks, but I’ve finally accepted that paper-based organisation just isn’t my forte and I have endless admiration for those of you who excel at it.

Since going digital, however, life has become so much easier. I can dump what’s in my mind, knowing that I’ll be getting a reminder about what I need to and access things easily when I have to. Included here are also the things I use to keep on it when I am getting the things done that I need to; scroll on down to take a peek!

My Favourite Organisation Apps.jpg


You might be a Google soul, I’m an Apple Calendar gal, but whatever the poison a digital calendar can be a great tool. I use mine most frequently to remind me about every work task I need to do, helping me to plan out my days. Although I use both, I prefer this to the Apple Reminders app because it’s easier to snooze and I can more reminders prior to an event happening, and love accessing it from my phone and laptop too. I have it set so my Home and Work events are in two separate calendars of differing colours, making it simpler to see what’s what!


If you are unfamiliar with the Pomodoro Technique, it’s one that I now completely swear by. When needing to get a lot of work done effectively, the Pomodoro Technique involves setting a timer for a set work interval, with a brief break in between each work interval you take. Mine’s set up so that I alternate between five minute and fifteen minute breaks, and there are heaps of apps that will allow you to do this (including one I recommend below). Have a search on your App store and you will find heaps; I prefer to use one on my laptop, and downloaded BeFocused for my Mac and I love it!


I could not love Forest more if I tried. Perfect for my fellow phone addicts (raise your hand if you’re reading this on your phone) (not the one holding your phone because you won’t be able to read this), it’s a sweet little app with a simple goal. Use the dial to select the time period you’d like to be screen-free (up to two hours) and leave your gadget well alone while a little tree grows. When you do unlock your phone, you have to stay on the app or else your tree will die; the more trees you grow, the better your Forest (which you can view in the app) will look. I am a big fan. Download on iOS, or from Google Play.


I don’t get on with ugly design, and I find the iOS Reminders app to be just about the most hideous thing on the planet… Cue a frustrated Monday night, where I sought out the most stylish list-making app I could find. I paid for the premium version of MinimaList – make sure you select the cheap version by opening the purchase window and then closing it, as it only cost me a one-off price rather than a subscription! MinimaList lets you set task alerts, choose a daily reminder, sync with your Calendar, sync with your existing reminders and SO much more… It even has a Pomodoro function for each task you’d like to get done – perfecto. Download it on iOS (I can’t find it on Google Play, yet!)


Perfect for anyone juggling multiple projects, I love Agenda like it was a very dear and very organised friend. It’s an app I have on both my desktop and mobile, and I have a project page for each client, that allows me to add tasks to each. There’s a handy feed of everything you’ve marked as on your agend and you can add notes, bullet points and checklists to each task, while the whole thing syncs to your phone… magique! Download it on Mac, on iOS (I cannot find it on Google Play, sorry gang!)

This concludes my roundup of productivity apps… (Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.) In all seriousness, are there any apps that you’ve been loving at the moment? Feel free to drop a comment or send me a line!