The Body Confidence Portraits are all about making you feel comfortable in your own skin

Aiming to show that beauty does not fit into one limited set of ideals, the body confidence portrait sessions are an intimate and collaborative experience. Each of us has our own unique beauty, even and especially when we differ from impossible beauty standards. We’re so unused to celebrating ourselves, much less our bodies, and it is a true privilege to be part of my clients’ self-love journeys. All of us should feel so, so proud of the bodies we have, and feel the love we deserve.

The body confidence project started with a single portrait I took of myself; I’d realised that I had almost no photos of myself that I loved, and this was the first image that I felt showed me as I truly was. My photo made a palpable, powerful difference to my self-image, and when I showed a close friend she immediately asked if I would have a photography session with her… I’ve been treasuring these photoshoots ever since.

During the shoot, we’ll create an atmosphere that is comfortable and calming. We’ll play your favourite music, have a cuppa of your favourite brew and chat about whatever we please, working together to create natural photos that truly capture you: body, soul and all. These photos are for you, and you alone; though some clients share their portraits, and allow me to do the same, it is always up to you; to keep and cherish, or to show and celebrate…

It’s about whatever will bring you the most joy.

Body Confidence Portraits.jpg
Body Confidence Portraits.jpeg
It’s a strange thing looking at yourself and all the naughty critical voices are popping up, but I know this will play an instrumental part of my alopecia process. I think one of my favourites is of the back of my head, which I usually avoid at any cost... Thank you for a lovely afternoon and for taking your beautiful photos!
— Amy
Working with Anna was a quiet, calming but laughter-filled experience... She made me feel more and more at ease, until I forgot that I had ever been self-conscious in front of the camera at all. I love the photos she took and enjoyed every second
— Emma
For a long time, even before having my little boy I have always had this hate love relationship for my body. I pick and pick at the smallest detail until I am left with nothing but hate for my own skin.

When Anna started doing body confidence sessions I jumped at the chance, which surprised me as I didn’t think I’d be so into it – but I knew that it was something I had to do for myself, in order to start the process of loving myself again.

Anna was truly wonderful. She was understanding, patient and kind. She really helped me feel at ease with the whole process. She captured my vulnerability and my laughter as I settled into the session.

The whole experience was more than I could have hoped for and one I highly recommend.
— Hannah
Body Confidence Portraits.jpg


Each portrait session is precluded by a phone call or mini-meet up that gives us the chance to get to know each other better, and talk through what you’d like from our time together. A body confidence shoot lasts around 90 minutes, and will take place at your home. Once they are ready you will receive high and low resolution options that are perfect for sharing online, printing or, of course, keeping and enjoying.


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