She is a joy to work with and makes what could be arduous extremely straightforward and easy
— Nicola Griffiths, The Artist Table
Anna really engaged with my work, my inspirations and was ever patient with my schedule
— Clare Dawdry, Ceramicist
Anna is really easy and quick to work with. The content she generates is of great quality, and we would definitely love to work with her again in the future
— Urbo

Meghan Hutchins.jpg


Branding Portraits & Photography

As someone who hates having their photo taken, I was very apprehensive about having brand images taken for my new business. From our first call, I knew that Anna was the right person for me to work with - she listened, was thoughtful and full of ideas. During the shoot she put me completely at ease and the process felt easy and not at all traumatic!
— Meghan Hutchins, Artist + Virtual Assitant



Branding Photography + Copy

Anna’s photography is exceptional. I loved working with her - she was very sympathetic to my requests. I felt she went above and beyond to support me and am very grateful to her!
— Lucienne Shakir, Executive Coach



The Artist Table.jpg
The idea of The Artist Table started about ten years ago in our home. A few friends gathered, we cooked, ate and talked about our dreams. From there our dinners have evolved into supper clubs, events, a Cafe & Bar and now I am planning world domination!

It was really important to me to create a community-oriented casual eating experience with a comfortable environment to extend the idea of the shared meal. I feel that food equalises and can put everybody at ease - once that level of comfort is established the idea of building community can truly begin.

As any business owner can understand finding good quality support can be key. I had admired Anna’s work for a long time and finally had the opportunity to approach her to ask for help with my newsletter. Anna has a beautiful aesthetic and I felt it married well with the look that I had been creating for The Artist Table. Her keen eye, sense of style and ability to decipher and weave the wooliest of briefs into something beautiful is an absolute credit to her. She is a joy to work with and makes what could be arduous extremely straightforward and easy. If you have not yet had the pleasure of working with Anna, I would highly recommend that you do as you will not regret the decision to do so. I cannot recommend her or her work enough! Thank you Anna for your continued patience and understanding.



Northampton Copywriter.jpeg
I make functional stoneware ceramics for use in the kitchen and at the table, and I have always wanted to make things that people can use every day. I love the idea of a favourite mug, or the perfect bowl bringing pleasure to daily life. Anna first caught my eye when she posted a beautiful little film about her breakfast that really struck a chord with me. It captured the essence of why I make pots, and I was delighted to see my bowl bringing pleasure to Anna’s breakfast every morning. I was impressed with how she captured the essence of what I do so beautifully. This gave me confidence to approach Anna to help with growing my online presence, being sure she was on my wavelength when it comes to the aesthetic of what I do. She really engaged with my work, my inspirations and was ever patient with my schedule! Thank you Anna, it has been a pleasure working with you.


Universal yoga

Website Branding Copy

Starting up my own business, I had a vision for my website and how I wanted people to feel after reading the copy. I had so much to say, but every time I sat down to write it out.. I just couldn’t find the words. Luckily for me, a friend noticed my struggle and suggested I work with Anna. Not only is she great as what she does, she is lovely and easy to work with. She listened to my vision and wrote it out so perfectly. She also took the time to help me with some design details for the website. I am so thrilled I was introduced to Anna!
— Jess Strunk, Yoga Instructor

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Headshot Photography

Anna captured some great shots for our business, made us feel totally at ease and was really prompt with answering questions, getting back to us with scheduling and the whole process was flawless!
— Siobhan, LillyBrooke Financial Services