...with engaging copy, perfect for branding your site or web-shop


Perfect for new businesses starting out or brands needing to breathe life into their existing site, my website branding is all about telling your story online. Whatever your speciality, copy should welcome and entice clients to explore and connect with your business. I don't believe in using buzzwords and vague, grandiose language that communicates very little to your ideal customer. Instead, I write concisely and effectively, leaving the focus firmly on what your brand represents.

As with all my packages, I'll send you a client questionnaire to help me understand your brand more deeply. We'll then have a 1 hour consultation, either online or in person, where we'll discuss your ideas and needs together. Once I've got to know your business better, I'll then get to work on writing copy to inspire and engage your dream clients.


I've been SEO-friendly copy since 2014, and fully understand its importance in the hectic world of e-commerce. For the last four years I've worked on a weekly and monthly basis with independent web-shops, sharing the crucial details and setting a tone that customers immediately recognise... I strongly believe that product copy can capture clients' imaginations and help them find the story in every piece.

 Email newsletters are vital every small business owner, no matter what their field; growing an email list means you have access to your most invested client's inboxes and, when designed with passion, they can be the most effective marketing tool you have. While social media platforms can be a fickle medium, emails are a deeply personal way to reach your customers and build a relationship with each one. I strive to design newsletters that foster a unique connection with your client base.

I offer individual packages that are specific to your needs, so get in touch below and we can work out what it is that would suit you best...