Teaching ourselves photography is amazingly rewarding, but the thing I found hardest was LEARNING IT ALONE.

Although there were amazing guides to photography online, I missed having a personal touch; I wished I could ask someone all my niggling questions, and have a second pair of eyes helping me with each shot. There were so many photographers I admired and so many images that I wanted to recreate, but I was desperate to talk about the technical details and find out what a photographer looked for as they framed each photo.

For anyone who also wishes they could have a soundboard for ideas and a gentle voice to offer suggestions, a Let’s Shoot Together session is two hours spent with our cameras and our imagination. Taking place at a beautiful countryside spot, wandering through your favourite town, or in the comfort of your own home, we’ll be able to chat through your curiosities, answer your questions and experiment with our skills.


I’ll be able to how you how I frame a shot the way I do, offer supportive feedback for your own photos, show you how I shoot manual on my DSLR and you’ll be able to experiment with my camera equipment too.


We can play with shooting locations, build up your confidence with portraiture or get creative with stills. I’ll set up a Skype call so that we can chat through what you’d love to try before our session, and do not worry about having a fancy camera! Photography is all about finding your own unique eye, so we’ll get the best from what you photograph with yourself, as well as trying out my lenses and camera bodies during our session.



Our one-on-one photography session includes:

  • Pre-session consultation call, to chat about your preferences

  • 2 hours shooting together, where:
    We can discuss technical questions on photography
    You can work with my equipment, trialling techniques you’d like to try
    I can offer guidance and suggestions for your shots
    You can find out about what it’s like to photograph full-time as a living
    Chat through transitioning into freelance work

  • An introductory offer of £125 for one session, with an option to book more sessions for £120 each, or three for £345.