It's the most popular social media platform and for good reason: Instagram is a visual way to express who we are. For a practical, bespoke and creative consultation on how to get the most out of your feed, I offer one-on-one sessions that help you grow your following and, most crucially, connect with your customers. Find out what content works best for you, how to be seen by your right people and what tips can help you tell your story.

First, I'll send you a questionnaire that enables me to understand your goals and your business better; we'll then have a 90-minute session, in person or via video call, where I'll help you to come up with ideas, share strategies to help you flourish and the practical advice I wish I'd had before growing my following. I'll then send you the notes from our meeting, documenting everything we've discussed, so you'll have a reference to come back to. We'll also have a 30 min follow-up call six weeks after our consultation, to cover any questions you may have had along the way and to offer some accountability too.


Since starting my business in 2016, I've worked with clients who understand the importance of social media, but lack the time and headspace to dedicate to their accounts. I aim to take a load off my customers' shoulders, while working together to explore what ideas we'd like to share, which direction you'd like to go and how we can communicate and connect with your following. I take over the reins, writing copy, engaging on your behalf and scheduling posts you've approved to save you the hard work each month.

Prior to working together, I'll send you a questionnaire that helps me get to know you and your business better, and from there we'll meet or video call on a monthly basis, to check in and chat strategies and ideas. Once we've met and discussed your needs, I'll put together your schedule and send it across for you to approve. With some clients I shoot their imagery, but this depends entirely on your needs... I then take over the scheduling and much-needed engagement to help bring your online presence to life.

We'll set a monthly budget to suit you, taking into account how regular your posts need to be and whether you'll need my photography too, all while allowing your growth to flourish and giving you more freedom to run your business.

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